The Sustainable Period Project began distribution of Resource kits to Australian and New Zealand high schools in Term 1 (February) 2018. The allocation of kits is one per school, with the kits addressed to the PDHPE department or Health Education department. Followup emails are sent to confirm that the school has received their kit.

The Australian High Schools distribution was completed in Term 4 2019. The New Zealand high schools list was completed in Term 4 2020. If your high school did not receive a kit or you cannot locate it, please CONTACT US so we can help! 

In Term 1 2020 the distribution of Resource Kits to Primary Schools in Australia commenced on a ‘By Request‘ basis. As kits and SPP resources are limited we will not be distributing to ALL Primary schools as we did with the High Schools, but will continue to take requests from those Australian Primary Schools who would like one until the end of Term 2 2021. To request a kit for your Primary School please CLICK HERE

Current Resource Kit distribution – April 2021

KEY: H = High Schools, P = Primary Schools, O = Other Health Facilities

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