How did you first learn about managing your period?

Traditionally the main education about periods and reproduction begins at school or from family and peers, and usually includes education around disposable menstrual products only.

The Australian and New Zealand School Curriculums advise that where possible an element of sustainability is to be included into lessons. One of the challenges facing teachers regarding sustainability has been finding resources.

Lunette Menstrual Cups decided to address the issue head on…and developed the Sustainable Period Project in 2016.

The Sustainable Period Project is designed to educate holistically at a grass roots level so that every person can be empowered to make informed choices regarding their menstrual health and to promote period positivity. Our aim is to make resources readily available to everyone – and in particular to schools.

To complement the downloadable lessons Lunette Menstrual Cups have collaborated with other Sustainable Menstrual Companies to put together a demonstration Resource Kit.  The kit is supplied for free and contains samples of a broad range of sustainable menstrual products, and one kit has been allocated per secondary or  high school throughout Australia and New Zealand. (Click here to order one for your school)

Downloadable resources are available for everyone, and include a broad range of topics around sustainability and menstruation over a variety of mediums, including slideshows, quizzes, kahoots, handouts and more. (Click here to download our free resources)

How is the project funded?

The Sustainable Period Project is sponsored by Lunette menstrual cups in Australia and New Zealand. A percentage of their profits from online sales and all profits from the Monki charity cup are used to fund printing, handouts, postage, packaging, USB sticks, sample menstrual cups and staff administration. Generous donations of pads, tampons, period underpants and modern cloth pads from our Brand Partners allows each Resource Kit to have samples of all the modern sustainable sanitary options so that teachers and students can see them first hand. If you’d like to help by donating funds or sample products to our project we’d love to hear from you! hello@sustainableperiodproject.org

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“It is time to educate about sustainability. Period.”

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